BEAU is an NYC street artist who has been tagging his way across the city for years usually in quick and humorous ways. He also takes time to create in his studio, where he puts together his own canvases - whether it's from drift wood or door panels. His figurative work, which is a favorite of Joseph Carini, is often influenced by Rodin,  BEAU uses mixed media, often painting on doors, tables, sofas, as well as on canvas. Although he doesn't plan on abandoning the street, BEAU sees himself moving toward working in galleries more. BEAU collaborated with Joseph Carini on two carpets for the Back Against the Wall Graffiti Show.

Carini Lang sponsored a solo exhibition for the New York City street artist BEAU back in December 2014. The show RE-POPPING ART brought audiences from all over, dedicated fans, art lovers, and new customers.

Photograph taken by Alex Covo.

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