“One is very crazy when in love.”
- Sigmund Freud

This week we’re paying homage to some of the 20th Century’s most memorable couples. Remarkable individuals in their own right, these duos lend credence to Aristotle’s oft repeated claim that the whole really can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether they were partnerships built on fame, pursuit of power, creative connection, political passions, or good old fashioned lust, every aspect of love seemed to be magnified in these remarkable couples:

There were affairs, public fights, marriages that lasted half a century, ugly divorces, beautiful children, grandiose declarations of love, ménage a trois’, they even divorced and remarried each other! The stars included here were their partner’s muse, ball and chain, rock, beard, the love of their life, arm candy, inspiration, caretaker, business partner and a multitude of other roles which we can only speculate that they must have played in their time together.

Whatever their métier, these relationships inspired some of the most influential and ground breaking work of the last century, pushing their partners beyond their comfort zones creating some of the most soul wrenching albums, the strangest paintings, the most impressive diplomatic feats, and many of the centuries defining ideas.

Few people can make romance look even better than in the movies, and these couples certainly did. Whether they lasted or not, these relationships left an indelible mark on our imaginations, forever giving us hope that love might be as extravagant (and stylish!) for us as it is for them.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie O.

The couple that set the gold standard for American class, glamour and success, with a heady dose of infidelity and tragedy.

Hard to imagine but these two seem equally genuine as gorgeous, staying together for more than fifty years until Newman’s death.

Mic and Bianca Jagger

Mic and Bianca Jagger

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