A Letter from our Owner and Creative Director Joseph Carini:

Dear friends,

As I am sure you know, there has been a large and destructive earthquake that shook Nepal on Saturday, April 25th. There have been several large aftershocks in succeeding days, and now it seems to be settling down. I have worked with the people of Nepal for over 20 years and hold for them a deep love and admiration. They are kind, friendly, humorous, and always ready to help a stranger in need. They are resilient in the face of great difficulty- and ready to rebuild.
I am in Nepal with them as I write this. The loss of life is tragic.  Now the living who have survived and lost homes and livelihoods need our help.

Carini Lang is committed to helping the people here rebuild their lives.
Our partners and friends here have all survived and are safe- a miracle! But everybody's life here has been effected and there are hardships while work is done to restore basic needs and services.
Our own weaving facilities survived the quake with little damage. We do not expect much delay in our production but we do appreciate your understanding if some delays do occur as a result of this earthquake crisis.

I will be keeping you all informed about the progress of the recovery. We at Carini Lang are sad for the human tragedy and we are ready to help the Nepalese people rebuild their beautiful country.
If you wish to make donations I recommend the following:
GoodWeave- our partner in fighting against child and slave labor. They do great work in Nepal and will see that help gets to the kids they serve, www.goodweave.org. Also, Ghar Sita Mutu- House with a Heart. This is a home primarily for girls who have been abandoned. Beverly, a New Yorker, started the home in 2001 and is making a tremendous difference in the lives of 18 children living on premises and helping many others who come for schooling and training. The Home is in an effected area and can always use support. Their website has their contact info

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers from the people of Nepal.


Joseph Carini

Carini Lang

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