Dalai-La Relief Fund

The Dalai-La Relief Fund is working hard towards the relief and recovery of Nepal by traveling village by village with much needed supplies. The Dalai-La Relief Fund is the brain child of Prem Prabhat Gurung, the owner and visionary of the Dalai-La Boutique Hotel. Joe and Prem became friends during Joe's stay at the Dalai-La Hotel when the first earthquake occurred. After the earthquake Joe made a contribution to Prem's Relief fund to begin gathering supplies. It should be noted that Prem and his incredible staff took great care of the clients that were staying at the hotel during the crisis. At a time when food and supplies were very scant one could always get a good cup of coffee or a bowl of pasta at the Dalai-La. Prem and his staff were simply amazing! 

Since then Prem and his volunteers have gone to remote villages and brought aid to the people. He has gone out of his way to purchase and gather supplies and distribute food, blankets, water, tents, and toys for the children. 

A Letter from Prem:

"Our team of 12 volunteers left Dalai-La at approximately 11 am on May 8th, 2015 for Dudugaun-7, Kavre. Our relief supplies included tarps, blankets, jackets, medicine, and food supplies for 85 households with approximately 250 people. ...
Although relief aid had reached the village, it wasn’t sufficient.
The village had suffered 2 casualties and 17 houses were destroyed. The people there are still in desperate need of tarps and tents. With the monsoon around the corner, shelter seems to be everyone’s need.
Also, we did keep the children in mind and had taken some balls, which distracted them from the confusion of the distribution of relief. Just a heads up to any team going to help the villages, please take something for the kids such as balls, candy or lollipops, its amazing how simple and easy it is to make these children happy and smile.
Once again, we are sharing the pictures of the relief effort. The pictures would better explain the situation than I ever could.
There is this one particular picture (Last pic) of our team stopping along the way, to assist a group of 7 houses with 35 people in Phalatey Village-1, Kavre. These 7 houses apparently had not received any relief or help. We could only provide a few tarps and food for them. Anyone going to that area please take tarps and food supplies to this group.
A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all our volunteers and contributors.
“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” This initiative is our something for somebody, somebody we care.
One Family, One Village at a time…
“We shall over come!!!” "

This letter was written before the second earthquake occurred. Prem is continuing to travel to different villages but he needs help with providing supplies. We ask that you help out the cause and donate to the Dali-La Relief Fund and help to rebuild one village at a time! If you would like to donate please contact us at info@carinilang.com and we will let you know how! In a few days we will have more ways to contribute online.



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