Update on the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund!

The women and children we are helping!

The women and children we are helping!

We are very excited to announce we have reached the halfway mark for our Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund! So far we have purchased materials and are assembling a temporary building that can be used as a work space and a temporary home for a family during monsoon season.

We are talking to local builders right now to determine who will be best for this project. We want to use sustainable, local materials, and design for strength and flexibility.

We are thankful to all who came to support the New Yorkers for Nepal cocktail party that was held at our Tribeca Showroom on Wednesday June 3rd. We are fortunate to collaborate with fellow New Yorkers who want to make a difference in the lives of the Nepalese people. We raised over $7,000! Part of the proceeds will be going toward the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund to help rebuild!


The funds we are raising for the Carini Lang Nepal Relief Fund are going toward helping a group of women rebuild their business and their village. These women use carpet weaving as a second source of income in order to earn extra money for their children's schooling and household needs. Their studio was damaged during the earthquake and they need our help to rebuild. 




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