Rizzoli Bookstore's New Home

When Rizzoli Bookstore closed its doors last year after 30 years in its 57th street location there was quite an uproar in the neighborhood. The iconic building was adorned with high vaulted ceilings, a gorgeous chandelier, and an old world feel that is fading fast in New York City. The owners of the building - The Vornado Realty Trust and the Lefrak family - have decided to demolish the building to make way for a new high rise.  Before the building could gain status as an historical landmark, the Rizzoli Bookstore had to pack up and relocate. On July 27th, Rizzoli's new location in a Flatiron building on Broadway and 26th opened it's doors. This will be the bookstore's third location in Manhattan since their beginning in 1964. 

To commemorate this new page in Rizzoli's history, the head of Rizzoli, Charles Mier, has asked Andre Leon Talley to dress the new bookstore window. Talley is the former editor-at-large for Vogue, and is known for being a front-row staple at fashion shows. With only ten days to complete the look, Talley immediately knew he wanted to include Manolo Blahnik, whose new book Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions will be published by Rizzoli this September. The idea was to represent a book hoarders dream and the warm cozy feeling you get from being surrounded by stacks of books. Featured in the window are lacquered trays by John Derian, pieces from Gucci's fall collection, and looks from Vivienne Westwood. Some of the books Talley chose to include in the window are works by Tolstoy, Truman Capote, Andy Cohen, Flaubert, and Frederick Douglass.     

Andre Leon Talley's window display. Photos Courtesy of Vogue 

Andre Leon Talley's window display. Photos Courtesy of Vogue 

Biographies, novels, and manuscripts alike are a direct inspiration to us here at Carini Lang and themes, colors, and imagery from favorite books frequently influence and appear in our carpet collections. Whether it's textile studies, color theory, or reading our own clients' latest books; there are fresh ideas on every page and there is always a satisfactory feeling when you finish a good book. Rizzoli was always a sanctuary for those looking for inspiration, and we are happy they have found a new home to continue their journey. Before this post turns too nostalgic, we would like to share some of our favorite Rizzoli book covers with you - inspiration awaits!

rizzoli rainforest.jpg

All of these books were published by Rizzoli and can be purchased either online or at their new book store location.


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