A Look Back: NYFW Ready-to-Wear Fall 2015

In honor of New York Fashion Week beginning (today!), we are taking a look back at the 2015 Fall Ready to Wear styles. Since fall is quickly coming upon us, those looks you once gazed at in magazines are now appropriate to wear! This year one of our favorite runway shows was Burberry. They took Bohemia to the next level by adding fringe to every hem and instead of baggy they went with chic tailored jackets. Burberry wasn't the only one who incorporated brocades, damasks, and other textured styles. Givenchy and Dries Van Noten also took influence from these fabrications more notably shown in interiors. Below we've incorporated Carini Lang's designs with some of our favorite Fall looks.      

Shown above, accompanied by Carini Lang's Togo design which is a part of our tribal geometric collection, are looks from Burberry's 2015 Fall Ready to Wear collection. A mix of tailored jackets and various prints reminiscent of African motifs create a bohemia chic look. Burberry also showed brocading and florals incorporating bright and bold colors. We love that this fashion house is bringing back the romantic feel of velvets and Victorian florals - reminds us of London in the 60's and how everything was grand and loud!  

Shown above, accompanied by our Italian Flower carpet, are looks by Dries Van Noten and Burberry. One of the trends this year is clearly taking inspiration from the 1970s and the Gilded Age. With the quirky combinations of complex prints and oversized clothing, there is a certain beauty in the mix of oppositions. 

While we're excited to take these Fall styles for a spin on the streets, we're already looking forward to seeing what's in store for Spring. Stayed tuned for a blog post on the latest from New York Fashion Week in the upcoming weeks! 

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