All That Glitters

From gunmetal to rose gold, metallics are popping up everywhere and they’re here to stay. The design community is continuously putting out interiors that showcase key metallic pieces, and we are loving it! There are tons of options to incorporate this look into your own home in either subtle r more obvious ways. You can go with the industrial chic look with exposed beams and iron girders, or you can do a monochrome  look in your favorite metal. Today we’re going to break it down by looking at each metal; gold, silver, and bronze. 


Gold is rich, adventurous and timeless. By approaching your interior with this shimmering metallic color you can create a stunning design. Unlike silver and chrome gold brings a warm and inviting character to your home, and the color also represents money and wealth. By mixing gold with pastel colors or adding a rustic wood piece or wicker element it can stay along the lines of glamorous and rustic without going overboard. 


A little silver never hurt anybody and is definitely not just for the holidays. Silver can be anchored with charcoal or pewter, or you can use silver to freshen up a white palette. Different texture and color varieties can add visual interest and a timeless appeal. Silver can act as a neutral tone and can meld different rooms together to create a flow around your house. One way to add silver into your interior is with carpeting, choosing a carpet with silvery accents or with gray tones can add an iridescent element.    


Incorporating bronze into your home is the perfect compromise if gold is too much and silver is to shimmery or cold for you. Bronze is a bit more understated and still gives you the metallic look you crave. When using bronze, adding more colors into your interior is never a problem. Warm or cool, burgundy or deep blues, color can enhance the bronze or brass designs. Whether or not you go big or stay small, brass and bronze accents are a great way to add sophistication and spice to your room!  

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