Back to Nature: Wool

The story of wool began long ago, and has been one of the most widely used and useful materials on the planet.  Dating back 10,000 years ago, wool was introduced to Europe from the Near East and has traveled even farther since then. Wool is obtained from different types of sheep and the quality varies based on the breed of sheep and their environment. Here at Joseph Carini Carpets we use Himalayan highland wool, which is especially excellent for carpets. Wool processed in the Himalayas is stronger, more insulating and has a natural resistance to soil and dirt. The high altitude of the Himalayas produces a soft texture and makes for perfect material for rug weaving. Along with sheep, other types of wool are extracted from different breeds of goats, such as mohair and cashmere.

Find out more about each type of wool below:      



The processing of wool is categorized into shearing and scouring. Sheep shearing is when the woolen fleece is cut off and separated into four categories: fleece, broken, bellies, and locks. Wool straight from the sheep has a high level of lanolin (a natural grease), and has to be scoured in order to remove some grease from the wool. The quality of wool is determined by its fiber diameter, crimp, yield, color, and staple strength. Overall the fiber diameter is the most important wool characteristic.

Wool serves as a natural insulator and the fibers absorb and release water vapor making wool carpets perfect for every season. Wool’s insulating factors help to reduce energy costs and keep your home warm. It also happens to be an extraordinary renewable textile fiber – as long as there is grass for sheep to graze on, every year fleece will continue to be produced!

Diagonals, 12′ x 16′ 100% Mohair

Double Portal, 9′ x 12′ 100% Wool

Coco Drum, 9′ x 12′ 100% Wool

Storm Cloud, 10′ x 14′ 100% Mohair

At Joseph Carini Carpets we love working with wool because it is a safe material for homes and is beautiful AND durable. Wool is extremely easy to clean and maintains it’s appearance for many years. Wool is truly a wonderful material in all of its forms and is the perfect material for you’re next carpet!