We are embracing this season’s Baroque trend, whether it’s with our shoes or our furniture pieces. The Baroque style is characterized by dramatic and opulent colors, gilded and ornate accessories, and lots and lots luxurious textiles. Originally this style was adopted by European royalty in the 17th century and was the design preference for many palaces and churches. This season were taking the best of the Baroque and making it work in our own space.  

Trying to mix Baroque with modern elements can seem daunting, but combining crown molding and gilded mirrors with classic settees can actually create something beautiful. If you want to be bold, paint your walls a deep red or purple to create a mood, and bring in velvet furnishings with hints of beaten brass. In our room setting below we put together furniture pieces surrounding our Aquarium Metallic design. We chose this carpet for this trend because of how its golden details on the rich warm brown field bring to life the Baroque feel. With the carpet’s organic design and captivating motion we think this would be the perfect start to a Baroque inspired room.  

The Rococo movement evolved from the Baroque style, and it kept the opulent details but incorporated pastels and lighter color palettes with fun and whimsical pieces. We recommend going bold and starting with a solid silk gold carpet – shown below is Carini Lang’s 200 knot carpet – and bringing pastel colors into the furniture pieces. It screams glam and Baroque all at the same time.  

The Baroque style was typically extravagant and theatrical, and intended to leave an impression on guests. This was a common way to flaunt one’s wealth too, and we recommend you flaunt your inner aristocrat and go Baroque!

 Looking for more ways to incorporate Baroque style in your home? Take a look at some Carini Lang styles below that certainly fit in the world of Baroque: