Beauty of Life

Joseph Carini Carpets is pleased to present Beauty of Life, a special collection of carpets designed in collaboration with Yuki Hayama. The four unique carpet designs, handwoven by skilled artisans in Nepal, will be displayed alongside the impressive ceramic works of Hayama, calling together two mediums of artistic expression. Two of the four nature themes seen throughout Hayama’s pottery, Water and Earth, are brought to life on the larger canvas of Carini’s carpets, translated with hand-spun Himalayan wools and the finest sparkling silks.

The use of natural botanical dyes in these and almost of all of Carini’s carpets further enhances the commonality between the works of these two artists, both of whom strive to bring the natural world into their artistic world, and whose designs are dominated by inspirations from nature.

Joseph Carini’s Beauty of Life collaboration with Yuki Hayama will be his first with a ceramic artist, and is a perfect pairing of two artists with like minded sensibilities. When they first met in NYC last year, Joseph Carini was immediately taken with the artist who, like himself, believes in creating lasting works of handmade art that fuse old world craftsmanship with modern, unique products for today.

Aquatic Life, wool and silk 9' x 12'

Aquatic Life, wool and silk 9′ x 12′

Sea Tangle, wool and silk 9' x 12'

Sea Tangle, wool and silk 9′ x 12′

Water Flowers, wool and silk 9' x 12'

Water Flowers, wool and silk 9′ x 12′

Carini strives to make carpets that appeal to both the eyes and the heart while valuing authenticity and process. Hayama aims to create a feeling of vitality and harmony in his ceramics with a message of universal love for humanity.

The forces of nature are beautifully represented in Yuki Hayama’s ceramic work with figures of animals, trees, flowers, water, fish, sky and earth. Similarly, Joseph Carini draws inspiration from nature for most of his carpet designs. In Carini’s work you can see imagery of storm clouds, evening skies, sparkling waters, wild animals, blossoming trees, as well as many abstract iterations of those themes. He takes a literal approach in his collaboration with Hayama, with four of Hayama’s painting s replicated in woven carpets.

Ten Thousand Flowers, silk 5' x 7'

Ten Thousand Flowers, silk 5′ x 7′

Join us on Tuesday, September 20th at 2PM for a Gallery Talk with Michael Chagnon, the Curator of Exhibition Interpretation at Japan Society Gallery, New York. Michael will be discussing the artistic connections between east and west Asia encapsulated in Hayama’s ceramics, and the exchange of visual ideas that is one of the Silk Road’s most enduring legacies.

Read more about Yuki Hayama’s work here!

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