Design Trend: Retro Geometrics

The latest trend on the runway is the comeback of retro geometric. The idea of geometry itself may be ancient, but these bright geometric patterns are modern and chic. Geometric patterns add an eye-catching element to a room. From open cubes, to repeating circles, there are several ways to incorporate this trend into your own home. What we love is the the retro twist on this trend, that incorporates the bright pop of color and graphic contrast between shapes and sizes.

The best way to incorporate this trend into your space is by starting with the carpet. Choose a pattern that is either a large scale shape or a pattern with a tighter scale. It should go without saying that patterns mixed together may not look the way you pictured. Create a place for your eyes to rest by grounding your graphics with a solid piece. Incorporate a solid couch with a great texture over a graphic carpet. Having fun with color is whole point of this trend, incorporating great bold colors with our classic geometric patterns.

Check out a few of Joseph Carini Carpets that show case Retro Geometrics: