Joseph Carini


Joseph Carini is an artist, designer, and a native of New York. He has studied at Pratt Institute, The National Academy of Art and got his introduction into carpet art through the training of several prominent antique rug dealers. The emotional and psycho-physical impacts of color became a passionate interest to him, and lead him on a path to try to rediscover some of the forgotten art and mystery of color. This lead into the use and experimentation with natural dyes, as used by the ancient carpet weaving cultures of Asia. Today, Carini’s carpet operation allows him to use pure, exotic, natural dyes as well as Swiss dyes. Constantly experimenting with weaving techniques, materials and innovative designs that push the envelope of contemporary rug making, he  also loves to collaborate with other artists and produces many of his carpets to order. He remains committed to maintaining the truly ancient and secret techniques that infuse his contemporary designs with a bygone quality and heritage rare to find in the modern world.