Our Himalayan Crystal Trove

Why are these Himalayan crystals so special?

Words by Joseph Carini, photography by Robbie Masterson.

Many years ago, while working on my carpets in Nepal, I spotted a beautiful crystal in the window of a small shop.  While the owner of the shop was eager to do business, he refused to sell me the crystals that attracted me. He eventually told me that such examples are hard to come across. I looked for others like his but soon found that there were none in the shops.

And that is how I entered the dazzling world of top quality, triple A himalayan crystals. It became my quest to find them.

And what makes them so special?

At first glance it might be their incredible natural forms which mimic the shapes of the mountains they are found in. These crystals come from an area adjacent to Mount Everest on the Tibet-Nepal border. They are super dense and carry the high frequency energies of the pure air they were formed in.  Harvested by local inhabitants at an altitude of between 12,000 and 16,000 feet, these literally come from the rooftop of the world.

Acknowledged by many healers and shamans as the most powerful crystals in the world, one only has to hold one to know that they are different from any other natural crystal. They feel heavier and have a strange hypnotic quality that cannot be explained but rather experienced. The literally attract the attention of certain people like a magnet. Even now as I write this I find myself gazing at the examples on my desk.