Our Process

Founded in 1997, after having worked for seven years with handmade carpets, Joseph Carini decided to start a company that would focus on special materials and the revival of ancient carpet making techniques in order to produce unique contemporary carpets that would bridge the best of the new world with the old.

He has worked long and hard to develop a boutique operation that ensures uncompromising production methods and natural dyes that guarantee our clients carpets of unique quality. Our production is focused on using the highest quality raw materials, and an exploration in the techniques and formulations of unusual natural dyes.

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Our lush, durable highland wool, silk, cashmere, mohair, and wild nettles are the finest in the world and are all processed by hand.
Some of the special dyes we’ve created for our rugs come from nature in the form of botanical dyes. Joseph Carini Carpets produces perhaps the widest range of natural dyes being used in modern carpet making today. Vibrant indigos and earthy neutrals are hand-woven into custom designs using an ancient Tibetan knotting technique. We also use the best state of the art Swiss dyes when appropriate.

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My love of the art of carpet, and the cultures that it came from, really propels me to do it this way

— Joseph Carini

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Joseph Carini Carpets is one of the last rug makers in the world using Tibetan hand-knotting techniques. Each knot is hand tied using a complex and ancient weaving method, which produces more supple carpets that are stronger and last longer.

We believe that a rug’s essence must appeal to both the eyes and the heart. Much more than simple floor coverings, the carpets do indeed speak for themselves, with each rug representing the energy of all the individuals involved in its making.

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Valuing authenticity and process, most of our raw materials come from the immediate environment we work in, and are spun, dyed, and woven with the traditions that have been passed down through generations. Deeply rooted in these traditions we strive to create something unique and unusual for the modern world.

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