The Benefits of Using a Statement Rug

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statement rug .jpg

A carpet can transform a room-  turn a space from drab to fab, if you will. Like a work of art, a statement rug can capture your guest’s attention with a bold color or a textural change. A rug can be THE piece you need to change up your interior. We urge you to keep in mind what’s underneath your feet when decorating and to think about how a carpet or area rug can enhance your home!

A statement rug should have a presence – a striking pattern, or unusual color combination. If you’re working with a space where color is limited, such as a kitchen or dining room, unrolling a powerful statement rug can be the key to enliven your space. Choose a boisterous floral, bold stripes, or even a high contrast black and white pattern to add an eclectic touch. 

Interior by Andy Goldsborough featuring Carini Lang copy.jpg

Check out some examples above of projects with dynamite rugs, including a few with Carini Lang carpets. On the left, our Fishskin design is shown in an interior designed by John Beckmann from Axis Mundi.  The color contrasts beautifully with the eclectic furniture pieces. The interior on the right showcases our Big Chrysanthemum design in an interior designed by Andy Goldsborough. Andy uses our floral design as the statement piece against solid furniture elements.