Using Rugs as Wall Hangings

Did you ever fall in love with a rug but thought it was too much for your space? Or loved the color but never knew where to put it? Today we’re making the case for using rugs on the wall! Quality rugs are essentially woven art and can easily be the secret weapon that enhances your interior. Instead of going with a typical gallery wall try turning that favorite rug into a wall hanging. It can be vintage or brand new but either way it adds an interesting element and fills up a white wall.  

If you’re working with a bedroom space then we suggest hanging a narrower flatweave rug or taking a rug and flipping it horizontal. This way you’re filling more real estate and still creating a focal point in the room. Using a rug or textile is a great alternative for a headboard and adds a unique and textural touch, not to mention the benefit of muffling unwanted sounds and it keeps the heat in and the cold out.  As early as the Middle Ages, those lucky enough to own woven tapestries and wall hangings used them not only for decoration and to inspire moments of personal reflection, but also for warmth to line drafty rooms and halls.

For other spaces we recommend going with a runner to place horizontally above your couch or furniture pieces. This creates the illusion of higher walls and would be an alternative to artwork. If your looking to do something with an awkward space then add a smaller rug that separates that space from the rest of the room.